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Water Management

At The Brand we believe that proper management of water is all of our responsibility and building responsible water resource management into every landscape is our specialty!  Our landscape designers understand the latest trends in smart irrigation, xeriscaping, low-flow watering solutions, drip irrigation and artificial turf.  They give our clients peace of mind knowing that they are installing the best landscaping solutions not only for their property, but for the planet.

A functional automatic sprinkler system is the key to any great landscape.  In Colorado, irrigation is essential to the health of lawns, trees, shrubs and flower beds.  The Brand landscapers are experts in irrigation and will design a water efficient system that will keep your garden green for years to come.  With so many innovative water efficient technologies available, they can help to advise you on solutions that will work for your landscape and your budget.  It is always a good thing to conserve water and lower your water bills.  Let us show you how with smart irrigation solutions.  We design and install landscapes using long lasting high quality professional products that are simple to understand and operate.  You’ll see the difference in your lawn and garden, and we’ll teach you how to program the controls and adjust each sprinkler for optimal performance.  You simply relax and enjoy watching your plants grow and bloom with just the right amount of water.

Xericscaping is another great way to conserve water while creating a beautiful garden. Xericscaping has become very appealing to the water conscientious consumer who also desires a low maintenance landscape.  Our creative designers can recommend xeric plants that thrive with very little water.  They also employ low-pressure drip irrigation systems to establish each plant for a long life of beauty.  Each of our Xeriscaped projects have been a unique expression of style and beauty and they look so natural- it is a great alternative to grass. 

Xericscaping/Low Water Garden

Today’s grasses add such softness and color to the landscape and can also be a good solution for the environmentalist in all of us.  It is not only family and pet friendly; it is a wonderful way to control erosion and adds cooling conditions to the yard.  There are a number of great turf and sod options today that require up to half of the water of traditional grass.  Reveille Sod is one our favorites here at The Brand LDB Inc. Reveille is a hybrid of Kentucky and Texas Bluegrass that looks and feels just like Kentucky Bluegrass, but uses up to 50% less water (depending on soil prep) and requires about half the mowing. Like Kentucky Bluegrass it has good heat, cold and shade tolerance and is resistant to disease and insects. Because of its low maintenance requirements, exceptional beauty and hardiness, Reveille is ideal for residential or commercial use. 

Reveille Sod

Artificial Turf is a great option to conserve water and beautify your yard. Artificial Turf or Synthetic Turf has evolved into a very realistic and smart solution where water is not desired or available and for spaces requiring virtually no maintenance.  Artificial Turf Grass can be used for many things such as playgrounds, dog runs, putting greens, or just as a landscape enhancement.  We can evaluate your space and present the options available in this growing landscape solution. 

Synthetic Turf

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