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Landscape Installation

Perhaps our greatest success as a landscape design and build firm is client satisfaction.  Through following our own high standards throughout the installation process, we have raised the bar in construction management in Colorado.  Our clients praise us for our management style, communication, professionalism and friendliness.  At the end of the project, it is always hard to say goodbye!

Installation Process: 

1.  Two weeks before the start date, you will be visited by The Brand Director of Operations in order to put the finishing touches on your preplanning.  Details such as logistics for staging, deliveries, and location of utilities and trench locations will be defined during this step.

2.  Project Scheduling begins.  Your designer will be consulted to define a custom schedule that works for your project and the needs of your home and lifestyle.  You will receive an overview of the schedule so that you understand the process and general timeline to be followed once construction begins.  Communication is the key to a successful project plan!  Estimated start dates will be provided ahead of the construction phase, and you will be in constant contact with the Director of Operations and crew leader to review the final project, design concepts, problem areas and other concerns.

3.  Construction begins.  Time to build.  The goal of our preplanning is to ensure a smooth construction process, and we find it a critical step that should be given top priority.  Our crews work quickly and efficiently on site, paying close attention to the design as the project unfolds.  Your yard is one of a kind and our craftsmen’s skill and talents will really shine when you see them work! 

We love input from our clients along the way and encourage it during all of the different phases of construction.  You will get to know your crew leader, but the Director of Operations and Designer also makes regular visits to ensure that the intended design and vision for the space becomes a reality.

Even after the project is complete, we know the real work of keeping you happy is just beginning. Every job is revisited two weeks after completion to double check plant health, irrigation coverage, and any other concerns. All of our projects come with a one-year warranty.

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