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Landscape Design Services


The Brand specializes in high end landscape design using creative style elements and features that can only be envisioned with a professional design.  Our Designers and Landscape Architects use the latest technology to create stunning 2-D and 3-D CAD plans that are full of detail.  The Brand Design Team listens to your wishes to understand what YOUR Brand is for every outdoor space.

Are you looking for an outdoor living area, patio, water fountain, grass or even a pool?

Contact us to begin the discovery process- you will enjoy it!  We offer FREE at-home consultations where ideas can be shared and the outdoor space can be examined.  A qualified designer will meet you at your house and listen to your ideas.  You may know what you want…  you may not. We pride ourselves in truly listening to the client’s wants, needs, and expectations to design a space as unique as they are.  After this initial consultation, the next step is the actual design phase.  Let the creative juices flow.


Basic Design Fee: $300.  Includes a 24” x 36” color design and plant care book.  It also includes one design revision.


Designs take two weeks to complete and the initial design will be scheduled and presented at your home.  Light design changes can be made for free, but if we are close and you are ready to hire The Brand, we will dig in deeply to the details.  Since we both design and build landscapes, if you hire us to build it, you get the design for free!


Before construction can begin, we prepare final designs by digging into the details.  Each material type to be used on the job is considered and you will be shown samples to evaluate including mulch, stone, patio material and plants.  The more time spent preplanning the project the better and smoother the job will go.  Spending time on details such as the location of power outlets, valve boxes and just the right angle of a privacy tree is an investment in the finished product.  There is no detail too small and we want to make sure that we exceed all of your expectations before we begin building.


We hope you will let us show you how communication, attention to detail, and taking pride in our work are not only good slogans, but words that we live by.


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